Entry: Hanukkah Day Prayer Friday, November 23, 2007

God, our Father Creator of all of mankind, in remembrance today of the nation and people, Israel, we come into Your Presence on this celebratory day of Hanukkah. We ask for peace on the Jewish people's  behalf from all oppressive nations.
Your Holy Word accounts of their trials and cruel bondage. As Christians, we read not only the historical account, but we are drawn to You and You accepted us as Your very own through Jesus Christ, the Messiah. We thank You for the wisdom and instruction passed down to us.
We give You grateful acknowledgment that You have received Gentiles into Your Kingdom. We thank You for the ministry of saints such as Paul who gave his life to bring the Good News unto us.
We forget not that we have been grafted in and that the branch was broken off by unbelief. We also recognize that You are able to graft them in again and shall do this as proclaimed in Your Word.
As they celebrate this day with custom, we remember and respect their tradition and we note that the Law is kept but the spirit must be released through the merit of Yeshua and the baptism of the Ruach HaKodesh.
We pray, O God, for love and compassion for all this day who have not turned to You in repentance and reconciliation.
We pray for their awakening and salvation.
We pray that those that have been hurt and offended by all anti-Semitism find it in their hearts to forgive.
We pray that we might desire to know and care about the Jewish roots of Christianity.
We pray that Thy Church might awaken from the deep slumber of exclusiveness and seek out, on Your behalf, the reconciliation You so desire for the Jewish.
We pray that the church become more prophetically aware and knowledgeable so that we might see the key world events that are occurring, even as we pray, in the world today that is signaling the soon return of Your Son, Jesus Christ.
As empowered and praying Christians, we unite in our care for the Jewish, and that coming day, when Israel shall blossom again.
May those that celebrate receive Your blessings upon them and their households. We pray in the Name of the Root and the offspring of David. Blessed be Thy Name forevermore. Amen


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Ed Vasicek
May 14, 2008   10:19 AM PDT
I prayed this prayer (5-14-08), even though it is not the right time of year!

It was beautifully written and recognizes God's hand upon the nation of Israel and our connection to them in the Messiah.

Very well done. Thank you.

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